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In the Community

We love the sense of community our son is learning and that his entire class displays every day a sense of caring, responsibility, and support for each other.

Scott & Aylin Edelman
Parents of Eytan (Class of 2025)

The backgrounds of CESJDS families express the pluralistic intentions of our school.
Our families come from over 40 unique zip codes around the Metro D.C. area, and speak ten different languages (English, Hebrew, French, Greek, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese Russian, Spanish and Turkish).

About 38% of students affiliate Conservative; 21% Modern Orthodox; 3% Reform; 9% affiliate as “other” which includes Chabad, Reconstructionist, Traditional, and Humanistic, and 29% of students did not report an affiliation. CESJDS families are members of over 40 synagogues in the area, serve the community professionally, and are involved in other Jewish and secular organizations, alike.

I love the community and relationships I built throughout my time at JDS. I am incredibly grateful to have them and know that they will last a lifetime!

Mia Pearce '15

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