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Graduates and Alumni

Coming back as a parent has been strange in the most wonderful ways. I find it pleasantly bizarre to hear the core JDS values and realize how much of myself stems directly from JDS's influence. It is delightful and weird to meet current students and recognize traits in them that had defined my school friends—their poise in public speaking, their amiable proto-adult politeness—and, by extension, to understand that it wasn't coincidence that so many of my friends were the way they were.

Matt Terl '94

“The CESJDS Alumni Relations Program mission is to perpetuate bonds beyond the CESJDS experience by strengthening and growing the CESJDS community in an engaged alumni network.”

CESJDS has close to 4,000 alumni spanning the globe from Los Angeles to Atlanta to London to Israel. 

  I love the sense of community and companionship that has stayed with me since I graduated 15 years ago. 

Zachary Subar '04

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