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Graduates and Alumni

During our many years at JDS, we watched our boys mature as thinkers and writers, thrive emotionally and spiritually, and most importantly become mensches who are well equipped to step into and become productive, thoughtful, and positive members of our community.

Rebecca Musher Gross and Jonathan Gross
Parents of Jacob '16, Zachary '20, and Jonah '23

The CESJDS Alumni Relations Program mission is to perpetuate bonds beyond the CESJDS experience by strengthening and growing the CESJDS community in an engaged alumni network.

CESJDS has close to 4,600 alumni spanning the globe from Los Angeles to Atlanta to London to Israel. 

JDS transformed me into a confident student and person. The skills I learned throughout my experience at school made me successful for the years to come. Now, six years later, I find myself back in Rockville teaching at the Lower School. When I am not physically surrounded by my peers, I still feel a strong connection to my JDS k'hillah. They are my people, my biggest cheerleaders, and greatest supporters. 

Samantha Haas '17

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