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The School’s leadership approaches financial management framed by our mission, purpose, and values, stewarding the School’s assets toward long-term stability while investing every day in the growth of our students – our Jewish future.

CESJDS served 862 students, 50% of whom received tuition assistance, amounting to $8.2 million.

Our annual budget reflects our commitment to serving the community’s diverse needs, in the academic diversity of our students and the economic diversity of our families. We are fortunate to be in a very strong financial position.

Revenue & Support

  • Tuition Revenue
  • Gift & Contribution
  • Investment Income
  • Other Income
  • Jewish Federation
  • 72%
  • 10%
  • 11%
  • 5%
  • 2%


  • Compensation
  • Educational Costs
  • Facilities
  • Other Expenses
  • Marketing & Fundraising
  • 78%
  • 7%
  • 12%
  • 2%
  • 1%

Financial Facts/Stats


Operating Budget


Total Investments 




Other Investments 


Tuition Assistance Grant Total 


Number of Students Receiving Tuition Assistance


Amount Spent on Educational Support Services 


Amount Spent on Educational Technology


Amount Spent on Experiental Learning


"The School focuses on preparing its students to be responsible Jewish citizens of the world, responsible members of our community. We support Ma'ayan because we want to make sure the school is well positioned to continue to provide that type of education to students for generations to come."

Todd Rosenberg '89
Parent Lake '20 and Yael (Grade 12)


Total Dollars Raised During the 2023 Ma’ayan Annual Campaign

Ma'ayan - A Natural Spring 2023 - Annual Campaign

At Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, our community is a Ma'ayan, a natural spring, where students, alumni, families, and faculty thrive, grow, and flourish together. As a student moves from Gurim through Grade 12 and beyond, our community creates ripples of learning, exploration, innovation, and connection grounded in Jewish values that flow into the larger world.



From the exceptional academic programs to the warm and inclusive community, everything about CESJDS has exceeded our expectations. The staff and faculty are incredibly dedicated to providing a top-notch education and inspiring our kids to become the best versions of themselves. We are grateful for the wonderful experiences and opportunities that our kids have had at CESJDS. Supporting the annual campaign helps ensure that future generations will benefit from everything that CESJDS has to offer and we're honored to take part.

Noa and Omer Bab
Parents of Yanai (Class of 2036) and Yuval (Class of 2033)

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Building Our Future Endowment

My friendships, career trajectory, and personal growth can all be traced back to my time at JDS. It is of paramount importance to me that JDS continues to thrive so my children have the opportunities that I was provided.

Zach Roth '10

We look to the future to ensure CESJDS as a premier Jewish day school for generations to come. With a total endowment of over $31 million, CESJDS is in the top tier nationally of both Jewish day schools and independent schools with permanent endowments.

CESJDS gratefully acknowledges our donors who have made commitments of $25,000 or more to the Building Our Future Endowment. These names appear on our donor walls installed on both campuses. Continue scrolling to view the list of all endowed funds, and view a list of members of our Bonim Society

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