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Welcome to the 2021-2022 Year in Review

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This Year's Highlights In

THE COVID-19 pandemic continued its disruption into the 2020-2021 school year. Given early childhood rules and regulations, Gurim and Kindergarten were permitted to open for five full days a week. Grades 1-12 started the year in full virtual learning, with a gradual partial-return to the classroom over the course of the year.

CESJDS continued to refine its virtual learning program to adapt to the ever-changing needs of all of our learners, and made many accommodations in the building, including directional signage and social distancing to ensure the safety of all students and staff. The School also implemented weekly COVID testing to assess and mitgate the spread of the virus in our community. 

While many events and celebrations continued in a virtual environment, the school community banded together, stronger than ever, to ensure that connections were maintained and all families and staff felt well supported. 

High praise for all the teachers who worked so hard to make virtual school work under very trying situations. The caring and nurturing received from the teachers and support staff is greatly appreciated and valued, and fulfills a key JDS promise of supporting the whole child.

Lower School Parent

I am grateful that the kids had a successful year full of learning. They were continuously engaged and it was still a good year for friends and school.

Middle School Parent

Thank you for everything you did to ensure that our children have the opportunity to learn together with their teachers and peers. We noted the high level of care, warmth and professionalism of the faculty (in person and online). We feel very fortunate to have our daughter at CESJDS for her first year. 

High School Parent

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